I bet most of you can recall looking forward to waking up on St. Patrick’s Day and running to put on your green clothes.  When you have children you get to relive all those wonderful memories you had as a child! Some of our favorite St. Patrick’s Day ideas are shared below…


  • Make a Shamrock Necklace – This can be as simple as cutting out green and white shamrocks and punching a hole in the construction paper and attaching it to a piece of yarn! If you want to help work those fine motor skills go to a local craft store and get a pack of green beads of varying sizes.  Your child will be proud to show off the green necklace all day long!
  • Gold Coin Games – Hide various size gold coins all around the house.  Allow your little one to hunt for them. Once he has found them have them compare sizes for sorting.  Encourage them to count how many all together and of each size to help with some basic math skills. If they are older go ahead and write number values on some coins to help with addition and subtraction.
  • Green Food Dye – Go ahead and go crazy! Have green milk, green eggs, green water, and a green bath! This is also a great way to get those veggies in, there are plenty of green vegetables to put on their plates

  • Building a Leprechaun Trap – This one can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it to suit your families needs.  Read a book or two about a Leprechaun so your child has a good understanding of what a Leprechaun is. Allow them to brainstorm and help find the materials that they think would work to catch the sneaky little guy.  Make the trap. Once they are in bed or a different room slip a little Leprechaun hat into the trap….you almost caught him!

Charleston is such a great place to live and visit for St. Patrick’s Day.  There is a lot going on. These are some of the kid friendly happenings around the holiday…

  1. St. Patrick’s Day Parade – March 17th  – 10:00AM – 11:30AM – Downtown Charleston on King Street
  2. Little Palms Play Garden – March 17th – 3:00PM – 4:00PM – Hampton Park – www.littlepalmschs.com 
  3.  Buzzy Bee Indoor Play Center – March 8th/ March 17th – Times vary call ahead 843- 508-8000.  This is a brand new place space in North Charleston.