Valentines Day is just around the corner and we all want our loved ones to know how special they are to us whether that be our spouse, sibling, friends, or child. Often times, it is easiest for parents to simply swipe a card and buy a gift or candy. Here are some simple ideas for you to show your child love without material items.

*Put a heart with a sentence about why you love them on their bedroom door every night after they go to bed. When they wake up in the morning, they will be excited to see what the heart has to say.

This can be simple: such as I love how kind you are to your sister or brother. These hearts will not only make the child feel special and loved but they will act as a reinforcement to promote the desired behavior. After they read the note give them a hug and a kiss. This is the perfect time to have a discussion about something you LOVE about them. If the child cannot yet read feel free to draw a picture of what you love such as them sharing a toy. Start this Feb. 1 and continue all the way to Valentines Day! 14 HEARTS OF HAPPINESS!!

Example Sentences:
I love how you share your favorite toys
I love your laugh
I love your hard work in baseball, school, ballet
I love your hugs and kisses
I love your jokes
I love it when you make cookies with me

I love when you help me wash the dishes
*Get a small cup or vase and write down a few activities to do with your child. I personally like the idea of putting in 14 so one can be done everyday from Feb. 1 – Valentines day. These activities are designed to take anywhere from 5 – 30 mins. Both you and your child will look forward to this quality time spent together. Your child will pick an activity out of the cup and that is what you will do that day.

Example Activities:
Draw a picture of you two sharing time together
Read a book in a cozy spot
Make a dessert together
Go on a walk together
Play a board game of your child’s choice
Make a friendship bracelet for each other
Find each other a special rock or shell
Have a dance party
Have a PJ day / evening
Love is so much more then buying gifts. We are all certainly guilty of purchasing way too many presents in an attempt to show our children how much we love them. However, what truly means the most, are the little things like holding hands as we walk on the beach. So, when thinking about Valentine’s Day see if you as a caring parent can show love through loving words and acts of kindness!