On a cold and yucky winter day if you are anything like me it is enjoyable to light a candle and curl up and watch movies all day long.  However that is not the best thing for your little ones. They need to experience all types of weather. One of the best purchases I have ever made was a waterproof suit!  This allows him to play outside in the rain without getting soaking wet or super dirty (benefits for me as a momma). Children can play outside for hours making up new games and experimenting with what is outside.  They turn leaves into cars and sticks into dolls. It really helps expand creativity. This is not just my belief there is research and data that backs up what I am saying! According to Your Modern Family Magazine, less outdoor time is even changing the chemistry of a child’s brain.  David Sobel a professor at Antioch University suggests that children must first love the earth to be able to take care of it. If you think back about your childhood I can guarantee that you have some positive memories from being outdoors

Some ways to help limit indoor time and promote outside time is….

  • Less screen time (try to think of 30 screen free activities you like to do with your child and start trying to do at least 1 a day)
  • Challenge yourself to visit all the parks within 10 miles from your house
  • Eat at least one meal a week outside (even if it is snowy or cold – that is what fires and space heaters are for)  Children LOVE this one 🙂
  • Find a beautiful spot in nature and observe it throughout the year (take a picture or draw it throughout the seasons)
  • Choose a physical activity/ hobby that gets you outdoors (this is setting a good example for your child about being active and exercising)

Charleston, South Carolina has some great outdoor spots for children! So whether you live here or are visiting be sure to check out a few of these….

  • Caw Caw Interpretive Center – 5200 Savannah Hwy, Ravenel, SC 29470
    Great Trails & Wildlife, seasonal exhibits (fairy houses), kids programs, and more.
  • Growing Spirit – 3941 Mary Ann Point Road, Johns Island, SC 29455
    Nature Tuesdays and Wednesdays as well as teen day!  Bow and Arrows, kayaking, canoes, paddle boats, tree houses, and chickens.  Good for kids 3 – 17
  • Night Heron Nature Center/ Park – Kiawah Island Pkwy, Kiawah Island, SC 29455
    Offers education programs about the wildlife out on the barrier islands, trails for hiking and biking, playground, and more.
  • Oyster Roasts – In the cooler months there is an oyster roast going on every weekend.  They are always outside with lots of delicious food and a fun atmosphere.
  • The Beaches – Charleston has great beaches that people walk on, build castles, and enjoy year round!