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“In Every Job That Must be Done There is an Element of Fun.”

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What We Do

Providing love, education and in home care for precious little ones.

You can depend on your Poppins Provider to help cultivate your child’s love for learning; helping to guide them in their growth and development.

We offer exciting educational programs for a single child or a small group setting focused on your Child’s needs. With a mix of independent and organized activities, we bring the excitement of play-based learning into the lives of children. We include both indoor and outdoor recreational opportunities that offer interactive experiences for your child’s enjoyment!!

Our activities are designed to provide order and routine to their daily lives which help children establish self-confidence. Our on-going themes encompass literacy, math, science, art and music and are geared toward children ranging in age from 2 months to 14 years.

Sources to support our educational themes include IVY kids, Discovery kids,, and The Mailbox.

For a complimentary consultation please contact our Founder, Michelle Barbera at 843.898.0707 or

Valuable Attributes we Incorporate on a Regular Basis

Self Awareness

Understanding how a child, as an individual, thinks, feels, and acts will help improve learning and develop meaningful relationships


Setting the example as a parent or teacher through what we say and do is paramount for a child to develop their own sense of integrity.


Making decisions, being trusted, and learning to take credit for one’s actions helps children feel part of a community and family.

Sense of Purpose

Understanding the role they play in society, helps children find direction in life and true motivation.

Communication Skills

Learning to express thoughts and feelings increases social interactions and carries over into higher academic achievement.



When learning time management and self-control through a consistent schedule, children feel more secure and comfortable.

What People Are Saying…

Our family is so touched by and thankful for Perfectly Poppins. Their caring, creativity, passion and patience brings our family a ray of sunshine! We truly thank you for being one of the very best parts of our family’s 2020 vacation. We will miss you, and can’t wait to see you in April ’21 for much more fun!

Juliette & Nate G., New York, NY

Our Poppins Provider, Kate has been a steady and calm presence for our children as we transitioned to life on Kiawah Island. She holds boundaries, emphasizes mutual respect, and most importantly provides them with expert care. Each day she demonstrates her creativity by providing them with themed activities. They play games, read books, go outside to play and do numerous arts and crafts

Wendy G., Chicago, IL

From the moment I spoke with Michelle Barbera, Owner of Perfectly Poppins, the Concierge Service was excellent from the time we had our complimentary consultation with her until the time we departed. Highly recommended!

Jordan S., Nashville, TN & Kiawah Island, SC

The best part about Perfectly Poppins is that you immediately feel like family…. the Nannies become friends and a large part of your family for years to come. We have been fortunate to have two amazing Poppins Providers who are professional, well educated, warm, and very trustworthy. I bonded with them instinctively …. Which made me feel secure in knowing that they would take excellent care of our child. What a wonderful surprise it was when our nanny arrived with the Poppins pack each day filled with new games, activities, stories and artwork that brought excitement and fun interactive activities for our son! Such an enriching experience!! During COVID, I was encouraged to send the class lessons from the teachers for the nannies to incorporate into their daily plans for my son. What a bonus!! I highly recommend Perfectly Poppins and I can’t imagine our time living on Kiawah Island without their special service and magic!

Kate B., Kiawah Island, SC

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